Anti-Aging Red Light Photo-Therapy

Skin Anti-Aging Red Light Photo-Therapeutics is part of every Smart Bed session at no additional charge.Treatments using red light will improve skin tone and texture, control pigmentation spots, help reduce pore size, encourage vibrant, healthier-looking skin, and reduce wrinkles. Anti-aging red light therapy stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibers within tissue to help keep skin firm. According to the FDA, red light at 633nm has a “no risk” status and is completely safe for the eyes. Red light penetrates tissue to a depth of 8 – 10 mm, delivering energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself.


  1. What can I expect from Light Sources Reju­ve­nes­cence “Col­la­gen Plus” treat­ments?Treat­ments using red light will improve skin tone and tex­ture, con­trol pig­men­ta­tion spots, help reduce pore size, encour­age vibrant, healthier-looking skin, and reduce wrin­kles. Anti-aging red light ther­apy stim­u­lates cir­cu­la­tion and repairs the elastin fibers within tis­sue to help keep skin firm.
  2. Are red light treat­ments safe? What does the FDA say?Accord­ing to the FDA , red light at 633nm has a “non-significant risk” sta­tus and is com­pletely safe for the eyes. Red light pen­e­trates tis­sue to a depth of 8 – 10 mm, deliv­er­ing energy to stim­u­late a response from the body to heal itself.
  3. How does Reju­ve­nessence “Col­la­gen Plus” work?Red light at 633nm is absorbed by the mito­chon­dria of the cell and stim­u­lates intra­cel­lu­lar energy trans­fer ( ATP ) pro­duc­tion for enhanced cell vital­ity and per­me­abil­ity, increased pro­duc­tion of new col­la­gen, and increased turnover of col­la­gen and elastin fibers. Lab­o­ra­tory stud­ies have shown that skin cells grow 150 – 200 per­cent faster when exposed to cer­tain light wave­lengths, and research has shown red light deliv­ers pow­er­ful ther­a­peu­tic ben­e­fits to liv­ing tissue.
  4. Does red light ther­apy pro­duce the same light as from the sun? Can it dam­age my skin?Too much sun­light can affect the skin due to the emis­sion of broad spec­trum ultra­vi­o­let energy through the atmos­phere. Reju­ve­nes­cence “Col­la­gen Plus” lamps uti­lize the vis­i­ble spec­tra of light at 633nm (red), but con­tain no UVA or UVB  rays.
  5. How does red light ther­apy dif­fer from laser treat­ments?Red light ther­apy does not cut, burn, or break the skin as with laser treat­ments. Lasers use heat and con­cen­trated light to vapor­ize or remove tis­sue. Reju­ve­nes­cence “Col­la­gen Plus” lamps pro­duce no vapor­iza­tion or burn­ing of tis­sue, and there­fore no inflam­ma­tion or ery­thema. Red light ther­apy is one of the few non-invasive tools avail­able that can reverse the appear­ance of aging skin, such as wrin­kles and mot­tled skin tone.
  6. How soon do results become notice­able?There are few imme­di­ate changes to skin, as change occurs nat­u­rally over a period of weeks. Every­one reacts dif­fer­ently, depend­ing on their age and the con­di­tion of their skin. In gen­eral, best results are achieved over an 8 – 12 week period.
  7. Does Reju­ve­nes­cence “Col­la­gen Plus” treat acne, age spots, and sun dam­age?Red light helps remove the bac­te­ria that causes acne, and gen­er­ates cel­lu­lar activ­ity that deals with age spots and sun dam­age. Anti-aging red light ther­apy bright­ens skin and reduces the for­ma­tion of pig­men­ta­tion marks.
  8. Does red light ther­apy work equally well on all skin types?Reju­ve­nes­cence “Col­la­gen Plus” ther­apy is safe and effec­tive for all skin types and col­ors. The main pre­req­ui­site is that skin be clean for effec­tive light transmission.
  9. How long do the results last?Results depend on the length of treat­ment and the orig­i­nal con­di­tions being treated. Skin reju­ve­na­tion is a dynamic process. If main­te­nance treat­ments are dis­con­tin­ued, nat­ural expres­sion lines will grad­u­ally return over the course of time, at which point re-treatment can be put in place.