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“Google and Yahoo Reviews voted Smart Tan the “ BEST OF BOSTON NYC MIAMI ”, and named the New Eng­land loca­tions some of the “ TOP 50 SALONS in the NATION by Look­ing Fit Mag­a­zine .

Experts say :
“Smart Tan deliv­ers a “ WORLD CLASS TANNING EXPERIENCE ” with State-of-the-Art, High Per­for­mance Equip­ment and Lotions. (includ­ing both tra­di­tional, Smart Bed tech­nolo­gies and ANTI-AGING Red Light Therapy right while you tan.) Smart Tan wel­comes every new customer with a brief, but infor­ma­tive edu­ca­tion regard­ing the art and sci­ence of tan­ning. This equips mem­bers  with the knowl­edge to make well informed deci­sions for the safest, most effec­tive, and least costly means to look­ing and feel­ing your sex­i­est all year long!  

Smart Tan offers tan­ning for every­one – whether  you’re rich & famous, freck­led Irish or bronzy Brazil­ian… …with every level of equip­ment mak­ing tan­ning as safe and effec­tive as pos­si­ble and with pack­ages as low as $3.99 per tan, there’s a tan for ever budget.”


All Smart Tan Salons have two types of beds - T ra­di­tional  and Smart beds. Traditional beds unfortunately out­put rel­a­tively equal lev­els of Tan­ning and Burn­ing Rays (50%/50%) — The inclu­sion of these traditional beds along side the new Smart beds however, gives you the choice and the abil­ity to com­pare the effec­tive­ness, safety and cost of Smart Beds vs. Tra­di­tional Beds right in our salon.

It should be noted that our tra­di­tional beds, lev­els 1 & 2, are very strong due to the increased UVB burning ray and equates to Lev­els 3 & 4 in a reg­u­lar tra­di­tional salon.   Fur­ther­more,  all of our beds, include High Pres­sure Facial bulbs deliv­er­ing a safer, more gen­tle and effec­tive, 100% Tan­ning Ray 0% Burn­ing Ray out­put to the face of every bed - even the traditional beds.



FASTER , SAFER , Afford­able Lux­ury Tan­ning made pos­si­ble by match­ing the bed’s out­put ray ratio of tan­ning vs. burn­ing rays to those gen­tlest in nat­ural sun­light, then MAGNIFIED for great­est effec­tive­ness & Value by Smart Tech­nol­ogy not even pos­si­ble in nat­ural sunlight.

Our Salon’s have Five Dis­tinct Lev­els of State-of-the-Art, High Per­for­mance Equip­ment and Bulbs that are pre­ci­sion engi­neered to emit only narrow-band UVA and UVB tan­ning light at the opti­mal ratio for each stage of tan­ning. The fil­ter­ing of all but the effec­tive light waves to these ideal pro­por­tions is crit­i­cal to faster, safer and less costly tan­ning. This elim­i­nates unnec­es­sary and use­less expo­sure, and max­i­mizes tan­ning capa­bil­ity at every level.

" Smart Tan’s equip­ment choices, there­fore can pro­vide all the BENEFITS OF VITAMIN D while devel­op­ing a richly dark health­ier tan in as lit­tle time, in as few ses­sions, and as gen­tly to the skin as pos­si­ble.” ~ Har­vard Med­ical School Research   These dis­tinctly dif­fer­ent Lev­els, are com­ple­mented by a FREE Skin Type Analy­sis for every customer  ( Client Card ) to deliver faster, safer and less costly tanning.

Because Smart Beds have more Tan­ning Ray and less Burn­ing Ray you should ide­ally begin tan­ning in the high­est level avail­able while also increas­ing ses­sion times at each visit. This is very unlike tra­di­tional beds where a tan­ner starts at the low­est lev­els which have less Tan­ning ray and more Burn­ing ray output.


It’s sim­ple: Judge for your­self the rel­a­tive effec­tive­ness and safety of Tra­di­tional vs. Smart Tan­ning by the “Hue Color of Your Tan”: A high qual­ity tan starts off brown, not red. The lower the qual­ity of the tan the red­der you appear BOTH imme­di­ately fol­low­ing and after devel­op­ment of your tan. This pres­ence of red­ness and the rel­a­tive lack of brown­ness is quite notice­able in Tra­di­tional Beds and is what causes you to need to tan more fre­quently to both build and main­tain your tan – more fre­quent tan­ning is harsher and more costly. Fur­ther­more, that red­ness will cause the skin to exfo­li­ate (for exam­ple, in the extreme case of burn­ing one peels). There­fore, you can judge for your­self: the browner Smart Bed tan is always faster, safer and less costly!


  1. Color of Your Tan:
    Judge for your­self by the hue color of your Tan: the Smart Beds pro­duce a browner, less red­dish, tan even after just one ses­sion, thereby prov­ing that Smart Beds pro­duce a faster, safer and less costly tan.
  2. Per­cent­age Out­put of UVA vs. UVB
    It’s a fact that you skinneed less UVB (‘B’urning ray) and more UVA (tan­ning ray) to develop your tan. Because the Burn­ing Ray is the much harsher ray, it burns the skin eas­ily when in excess, there­fore, only very small amounts of the Burn­ing Ray are pre­ferred to stim­u­late the pro­duc­tion of melanin .Only the newest and most sophis­ti­cated equip­ment and bulbs pro­vide these ideal pro­por­tions. We call these beds Smart Beds. Fur­ther­more, another  ben­e­fit  to min­i­miz­ing the Burn­ing Ray out­put is that this then allows for increas­ing the lev­els of “Tan­ning ray” output to max­i­mize tan­ning. The stages of Tan­ning Ray increase and Burn­ing Ray decrease allow­ing you to develop and main­tain your tan with fewer ses­sions and, more impor­tantly, safer and less costly.
  3. Num­ber of Bed special Fea­tures:
    : the num­ber of High-Pressure Anti-Aging facials AND body bulbs in every Bed, Patented Shoulder/neck & Side Tan­ners for even all-over tan­ning; Ergonom­i­cally Con­toured Bed & Head Acrylics to elim­i­nate white spots on your back­sides caused by pressure-points; Patented Facial , Shoul­der, Leg & Foot Inten­si­fiers in every Booth; Twisted cork-screw type bulbs to pro­vide more even tan­ning,  UV “After-Bronzers” ; Sweat-free cool­ing sys­tems; Voice-activated; CD / MP3 / IPOD Music Selec­tion…

Tan­ning Faster & Safer Chart


The Photo-Therapeutics tech­nol­ogy is com­pli­men­tary with every Smart Bed ses­sion at no addi­tional charge

"Treat­ments using red light will improve skin tone and tex­ture, con­trol pig­men­ta­tion spots, help reduce pore size, encour­age vibrant, healthier-looking skin, and reduce wrin­kles. Anti-aging red light ther­apy stim­u­lates circulation

and repairs the elastin fibers within tis­sue to help keep skin firm. Accord­ing to the FDA , red light at 633nm has a “no risk” sta­tus and is com­pletely safe for the eyes and skin. Red light enters tis­sue to a depth of 8 – 10 mm, deliv­er­ing energy to stim­u­late a response from the body to heal itself by encour­ag­ing col­la­gen pro­duc­tion." ~Harvard Medical School   ( See Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions )